Square T-Shirt Quilts

Check out the quilts I make from old t-shirts! They are very unique and eye-catching pieces of work that have started a few different conversations in many craft fairs.

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Mosaic Quilts Made From Baby Clothes

These mosaic quilts are made from your baby’s clothing and are mostly used as a keepsake for parents, instead of saving all of their children’s clothing over the years.

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Custom Name Pillows

I just love, love, love making these because they truly let me use my creativity and talent to its fullest! Each and everyone is very different and is a gift that every child will absolutely love.

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Tooth Fairy Pillows

These are cute mini pillows that can be made from fabric and/or baby clothes that have a small pocket built in, perfect for the tooth fairy!

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My Personal Touch…

I have a unique style that, I believe, is clean and modern, not really your typical quilter, although I do like to sew those types of quilts from time to time.

I like to use mosaics, borders and simplistic layers to capture the personalty in the material itself.


Continuing Education:

I am always trying to stay on top of the latest techniques and designs, when it comes to sewing in general.

I do it mainly because I love seeing new ideas and try to pick up a little knowledge from as many people as I can, I believe that so much more can be learned from several different people, as opposed to one teacher.

Easy To Communicate With…

I am here to listen to all of your thoughts and ideas when it comes to any kind of my projects. The pictures I provide are simply a guide for you, every order is unique and I am happy to listen and accommodate all of your suggestions.

Having great communication between two people is what makes all the difference in the world, it can also make for an enjoyable experience as well. Let’s talk about what your expectations are and let me hear your ideas!

My Schedule For The Next Couple Of Months:

On the right, you can see 4 bars that represent how busy I will be on specific months. If a bar is at 100%, then I am no longer taking orders for that month, I thought that this would be an easy way to show everyone my availability.

Certain months are busier than others, depending on specific holidays, such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, etc. The busiest time of the year for me is around Christmas time, where orders start to come in around late August.

  • November 87%
  • December 80%
  • January 70%
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